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Increased Christmas production?? Hire a Stephan machine now!!

Nut Butters and Pastes

From smooth to crunchy, almonds to peanuts. The Stephan Microcut has a range of different size cutting tools to achieve the desired consistency.


The STEPHAN Universal Machines handle all tasks involved in the production of processed cheese, convenience products and confectionery. From mixing, chopping, emulsifying and vacuum de-areation to heating and cooling.

Hummus and Dips

From sauces to baby food, mayo to pizza toppings, the Stephan Standard Machine range can crush, cut, mix,stir, blend and disperse. Batch sizes are 2.5 litres to 55 litres.


With special tools for difficult products, like sinews, soft tissues and bones, the Microcut can reduce the product size efficiently from 100 mm pieces down to 1-2 mm (product dependant).

Baby Food Pasta Sauces, Ketchups

The Stephan Vacutherm system has been developed and optimized with the collaboration of convenience food manufacturers. This highly flexible system produces a wide range of food products.

Ganache, Fruit Fillings, Confectionery

Producing glossy ganaches, perfect praline or just simple fruit fillings. The Stephan range has a machine for you!

Scientist Using Microscope

Our table top models are perfect for small batches to enable you to develop and test your products.

Research and Development

The Stephan Combitherm is operator friendly, flexible, multifunctional and economic. Available in 2 sizes.

Sport Supplements/Gels

The base components of this process system are a tilted,vacuum tight mixing vessel with an integrated mixing arm and an external homogeniser (rotor stator).